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The Gravel Project

is the creation of guitarist, composer and singer Andrew Gravel and brother, Hammond B3 organist Jordan Gravel. With a sound that spans multiple genres including funky blues, rock, soul, and jazz, the band has been creating a buzz with their eclectic brand of music and gaining momentum in Boston, New Hampshire, and all along the East Coast. The Gravel Project electrifies crowds with inventive original songs, creative interpretations of well known classics, and high energy group improvisation.



The Gravel Project is a flawless album with a sound and style unique to itself. With all the virtuoso instrumentation of a jam band condensed into a blues/rock format and coupled with a funky liveliness, The Gravel Project is a record that any music lover should own.
— Heath Andrews (freelance music reviewer)
The Gravel Project’s material recalls a time when many blues-rockers and roots rockers were being influenced by the 1970s funk and soul they were hearing on R&B stations.
— Alex Henderson (veteran music critic)
The Gravel Project plays tight, blues-influenced rock n roll that explodes with energy.
— Wildy Haskell (music blogger)