Another New Song in our Soundcloud Player from the Upcoming New Album!!!

Check out our Soundcloud player for another preview from the upcoming new album! "Blues for LA" was written 9 years ago... it's been played at many shows, and recorded several times for our 2010 EP, "More Ways Than One," our 2012 live album, "Live at The Red Parka Pub," and for various demos. The EP version has even been played on a couple radio stations including WERS 88.9, 101.9 for The Cheap Seats, and various online radio stations. HOWEVER, I don't think the song's potential has ever been captured with any recording yet.. and that's why we chose to include a new version on the upcoming new album. I'm psyched about this new version, as we've finally recorded it as I hear it in my head! As a general update on the new album, John Keane has a few more tracks to mix, and then we'll be mastering all the songs on August 19th with Bernie Grundman in Hollywood. Bernie is one of the most famous mastering engineers in music history, and has 37 grammys! Thirty freakin' seven grammys! Feeling very honored to work with the legendary, John Keane for mixing and one of, if not the most highly regarded mastering engineer of all time, Bernie Grundman!

I know this whole process has taken a lot longer than I ever said it would, but you can't rush quality! I think we'll finally be ready to release the album in early October!

In the meantime, I hope y'all enjoy this brand new unmastered version of "Blues for LA."